As Sebastian, some years ago I wrote slash fiction around the TV show The Professionals. This being before the age of PCs and the internet, the stories were all written on a typewriter with carbon copies and were circulated from person to person (only a very few were ever published in zines.) At last we've managed to collect them all together once more

I've written a short introduction to each one and who knows, one day I may even write a sequel or two...

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As Merry I am co-admin of hard facts. our friendly discussion board which covers every subject you can imagine. There's a forum just for Fandom and another for all things horse-related - something I got into when my daughter learned to ride and we bought our quirky, stubborn, talented pony Clyde

When you're tried the stories why not come and see us at hard-facts? Let us know what you liked or hated about them, or join us to talk - 'of many things - shoes and ships and sealing wax, of cabbages and kings.'

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